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Bring Back Conserve School

Wisconsin Attorney General Files Motion To Intervene (Updated)

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The Wisconsin Attorney General's office is filing several motions today to intervene in the litigation. The Attorney General is seeking to appoint recently retired Supreme Court Justice Wilcox the conservator of Conserve School Corporation to provide recommendations to the Court as to the proper course of action for the future of the school. In addition, the Attorney General asks the court to issue a preliminary injunction requiring Conserve School to continue operation as a four-year, college preparatory school while the Trust is reconstructed by the conservator.

Alleged in the AG's filings:

  • The trustees made the decision to reduce funding to Conserve School to avoid selling the Trust's CSTW stock because, in part, it might lead to the loss of a controlling stake in the company.
  • A loss of a controlling stake in CSTW might jeopardize the employment or directorship of the trustees.
  • The decision to reduce funding to Conserve School was "made under circumstances where personal interests of the individual defendants were in actual or potential conflict with their interests as trustees."
  • "The competing and conflicting interests of the individual defendants as directors of the Corporation, trustees of the Trust, and employees and directors of the Company, have rendered them incapable of exercising independent judgment as to the affairs of the Corporation in matters effecting the Trust and the Company."
  • The Corporation, if governed by an independent board with undivided loyalty and acting with reasonable diligence, would have challenged the decision by the Trust to reduce funding rather than to sell a portion of company stock and would have engaged in "reasonable efforts to obtain alternative funding... so that its continued operations were not solely dependant on gifts from the Trust and the economic performance of the Company."
  • The defendants failed to protect "Conserve School and the Corporation's rights as the primary beneficiary of the Trust" leading to the Culver lawsuit.

The filings are all attached to this article.

This is a promising step in the litigation. The Attorney General alleges many of the same things as Conserve Community and the individual plaintiffs did in their complaint. This is a testament to the validity and the strength of the allegations put forth by attorneys for the plaintiffs.

While the last few weeks have seen a lull of activity surrounding the case, this is expected to change with the intervention of the Attorney General's office and the next hearing scheduled for a week away. Stay tuned for updates.

WI DOJ Press Release:

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Last Updated on Tuesday, 14 April 2009 20:39

Culver Files Suit Against Conserve School

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Culver has filed suit against Conserve School in federal court. According to knowledgable sources, the lawsuit was filed last night in the District Court for the Northern District of Illinois. Details are scarce at this time, but it appears Culver also feels the semester program does not fulfill the terms of the trust. The case number is 09cv1413 and a copy of the complaint has been attached to this article.

Conserve Community and the individual plaintiffs who sued Conserve School are also named as defendants in the new lawsuit by Culver. Conserve Community is preparing a document that explains the new developments, but in the mean time the individual plaintiffs who sued Conserve School need not worry - Culver only included everyone in the lawsuit to cover all its bases and is not seeking anything from the plaintiffs in the Conserve Community lawsuit. The action is primaily targeted at Conserve School and echoes the arguments of the Conserve Community lawsuit - that the semester program does not fulfill the terms of the trust. The main difference is that Culver feels it should get the money instead of having the trust restructured.


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Last Updated on Sunday, 08 March 2009 19:46

Lawsuit Filed Against Conserve School

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A lawsuit against Conserve School was filed in Vilas County Circuit Court today on behalf of Conserve Community LLC as well as 20 current freshmen and sophomores and their parents/guardians. Named in the suit were the Conserve School Corporation, the Conserve School Trust, C. Daniel Blythe, John F. Calhoun, Michael J. Sullivan, Ronald V. Kazmar, Michael X. Cronin, James Rinn, and Stefan Anderson. The lawsuit alleges a conflict of interest in the dual roles of the Trustees, and seeks injunctive relief that would either keep Conserve School operating as a four-year institution or reform the Conserve School Corporation Board of Directors. A copy of the complaint is attached to this article.

The case is number 2009CV000054 and is being heard by Judge Neal A. Nielsen III. Wisconsin Circuit Court Access (WCCA) provides court records online, and this case can be followed at the following URL: Additionally, an RSS feed is available:

To join the lawsuit, or to contribute towards the legal fees, please email Conserve Community directly at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Download this file (Conserve Community Complaint.pdf)Conserve Community Complaint.pdf[ ]90 Kb

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Last Updated on Sunday, 22 February 2009 23:44

Conserve School Ends 4-Year Program, Converts To Semester School

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On January 30, 2009, Conserve School informed the community that due to financial hardship, the 4-year residential program will end at the end of the current academic year and will be replaced by a semester-based program starting next fall. Attached is the document distributed to students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

Download this file (Conserve School Transition.pdf)Conserve School Transition.pdf[ ]281 Kb

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