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Culver Files Suit Against Conserve School

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Culver has filed suit against Conserve School in federal court. According to knowledgable sources, the lawsuit was filed last night in the District Court for the Northern District of Illinois. Details are scarce at this time, but it appears Culver also feels the semester program does not fulfill the terms of the trust. The case number is 09cv1413 and a copy of the complaint has been attached to this article.

Conserve Community and the individual plaintiffs who sued Conserve School are also named as defendants in the new lawsuit by Culver. Conserve Community is preparing a document that explains the new developments, but in the mean time the individual plaintiffs who sued Conserve School need not worry - Culver only included everyone in the lawsuit to cover all its bases and is not seeking anything from the plaintiffs in the Conserve Community lawsuit. The action is primaily targeted at Conserve School and echoes the arguments of the Conserve Community lawsuit - that the semester program does not fulfill the terms of the trust. The main difference is that Culver feels it should get the money instead of having the trust restructured.



avatar fisheyes4fun
The case can be reviewed at se.aspx then go to the 3rd page and on the bottom is case 09 cv 1413 assigned to Judge Wayne Anderson filed on March 5, 2009 by Culver.
avatar fisheyes4fun
Sorry correct link : www. se.aspx There isn't a space betwenn Ca se.
avatar javabytes87
Posted a copy of the complaint. This board seems to have issues with long words, inserting spaces after 15 letters. Not sure why.
avatar ConserveConserveSchool
why did they name parents in the lawsuit? what does that mean "cover all their bases"?
avatar javabytes87
The parents and Conserve Community are named because Culver thinks their claim to the money supercedes the parents' and Conserve Community's request to restructure the trust.
avatar gsowieja
We are discouraged about the Culver lawsuit. They are again (as they tried unsuccessfully a couple of years ago) attempting to secure the entire Trust for themselves. This places the Conserve Community in the position of now having a legal battle on two fronts (with the Trustees as well as with Culver) Culver also wants to see the School closed permanently. Culver will be a powerful force to go up against....let's hope that the Trustees will see their error and join forces with Conserve Community to once again save Conserve School.
avatar fluteplayer101
If we don't succeed in getting a permanent injunction against the Trustees, Culver should go after the $. The money should be spent running a boarding school for high school students, not preserving status quo at a specific company. I firmly believe that Culver's suit will be dropped when we win. Let's just keep the pressure going on all fronts - the more media attention the more they look like greedy fools.
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