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Attorney General Will Not Appeal Nielsen's Ruling

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J.B. Van Hollen announced he will not appeal Judge Nielsen's ruling. According to a story on the AP wire, he claims that even if he would win on appeal the case could drag on for more than a year - and by that time most of the affected students would have found another school already.

This is a rather disappointing outcome, as Van Hollen is mistaken about who is "affected" by his decision not to appeal. Many students were forced to make decisions for next year a long time ago, and his choosing not to appeal doesn't affect any of them. There are thousands of people still "affected" - future generations of high school students.


avatar ConserveConserveSchool
Why didn't he realize the appeal would be for the future? Is the AG office short of funds or just lazy? Bureaucracy at work or whatever they think work is.
avatar javabytes87
The thought that those most affected have already moved on is certainly shortsighted. It's been clear from the beginning that this effort was primarily to ensure the school was operating in accordance with the trust and accordance with the law, regardless of whether or not it would be resolved in time for (then-)current students to remain enrolled. My guess is the Attorney General doesn't see any upside to pursuing the matter further since Culver isn't a threat anymore. Uncertainty of success seems a likely reason for a politically motivated individual to shy away from the case. Before, the potential upside was enormous - 0 million futuristic school saved from going to Indiana plays pretty well in the press. Not quite so anymore.
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