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Home Blog Contributor Articles Central Steel and Wire in 2010: Revenue up 36%, $4.6 million profit

Central Steel and Wire in 2010: Revenue up 36%, $4.6 million profit

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According to Central Steel and Wire's 102nd annual report, via Alex Gray, sales jumped from $521 million in 2009 to $709 million in 2010, ultimately boiling down to $4.6 million in net earnings. Central Steel paid out $11.50 per share in dividends, roughly the same as in 2009 when the company sustained a loss of $2.3 million. The Conserve School Trust holds 161,607 shares of Central Steel and Wire stock, which would have reaped about $1.9 million in dividends.

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Thank you for keeping up the site...I have not forgotten the cause - am still working on a way to Preserve Conserve
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