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Lawsuit Filed Against Conserve School

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A lawsuit against Conserve School was filed in Vilas County Circuit Court today on behalf of Conserve Community LLC as well as 20 current freshmen and sophomores and their parents/guardians. Named in the suit were the Conserve School Corporation, the Conserve School Trust, C. Daniel Blythe, John F. Calhoun, Michael J. Sullivan, Ronald V. Kazmar, Michael X. Cronin, James Rinn, and Stefan Anderson. The lawsuit alleges a conflict of interest in the dual roles of the Trustees, and seeks injunctive relief that would either keep Conserve School operating as a four-year institution or reform the Conserve School Corporation Board of Directors. A copy of the complaint is attached to this article.

The case is number 2009CV000054 and is being heard by Judge Neal A. Nielsen III. Wisconsin Circuit Court Access (WCCA) provides court records online, and this case can be followed at the following URL: Additionally, an RSS feed is available:

To join the lawsuit, or to contribute towards the legal fees, please email Conserve Community directly at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Download this file (Conserve Community Complaint.pdf)Conserve Community Complaint.pdf[ ]90 Kb


avatar Kevin Roach

avatar Pontus
I really wish they would just talk to us, but I guess it's come to this.
avatar David Mort
Thanks for all of your hard work! I know many of you are busy with school, have jobs, and kids to take care of. I appreciate all of your efforts, as I know many others do.
avatar Sheila Yohnk
Awesome job on the website Greg!
I'm glad someone filed a lawsuit-- hopefully the judge does the right thing!
avatar Pietsch07
I am so proud of everything that you all have done. Thank you for taking the time from your lives to be a part of this fight.
avatar mmort
:) and so it begins....
avatar ConserveConserveSchool
Is there a time line? I know frosh parents are looking.
avatar lonbojo56
Can you post the actual James R. Lowenstine Trust document here? If not, how can I obtain it?
avatar fisheyes4fun
It is on page 4 of this blog or at or at
avatar Pontus
Who can I contact about joining the case as a plantiff if possible?
avatar barbhuning
Thanks so much to everyone who has contributed so much time, energy, and expertise to this effort.

Could someone outline in plain laymen's terms what the lawsuit will do? What is the legal basis of our case, and why do we believe we wil win? What are the challenges, and what would be the optimal outcome(s)? What is the best that could happen here? What is the likelihood of our winning? What are the most likely outcomes?

And, what can we do to help make it more likely the case will be won- if anything?

What will be the next steps?

Also, what will it mean to be added as a plaintiff?

avatar javabytes87
The lawsuit basically seeks to keep Conserve School operating as a 4-year school, and/or to reform the Board of Trustees with individuals who have no real or perceived conflicts of interest in operating the school. I can't go into too much detail about the next steps, the challenges, or the likelihood of winning because I am not a lawyer and don't fully understand the issues involved.

If you're interested in participating in the lawsuit or contributing to the legal fund, please contact Conserve Community directly.
avatar gsowieja
We are excited that the lawsuit has been filed and hope that some sort of injunction is imposed quickly to stop the Trustees/Stefan from dismantling the school and firing the staff this Spring. We are is the lawyer being paid? Is there a legal fund being set up to which we can contribute? Thanks to all of you who are making this happen....
avatar javabytes87
As far as I know, the finances have not been worked out. I know Conserve Community is looking to set up a legal fund, as the fees for the case will easily run thousands of dollars. If you have questions or would like to contribute, please email Conserve Community directly.
avatar fluteplayer101
How soon can we expect to hear something from the Judge? It would be nice if the students knew by the middle of March if the courts were going to issue an injunction and force Stefan to admit another freshman class.
avatar javabytes87
Time is certainly of the essence. Sign up for the Conserve Community mailing list if you haven't already done so, and stay tuned to your email.
avatar whitebirchtree
How do we contribute money to the auction? Is it through the Donate categories on this site, Bringbackconser ve?
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